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Editors Note-Grasslands

About Grasslands
Plants in the Grasslands
Animals in the Grasslands
Editors Note-Grasslands
Food Web
Food Chain

I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.

Name of One Pet

The Importance of an Ecosystem."
Although grasslands far from being endagered and exist all over the world, some thought still needs to be given to its conservation. Grasslands are plentiful in the world but because that they are often overlooked. They fact that the grasslands are so vast and they seem neverending doesnt mean they are. Because of this in grasslands a vast majority of highways and real estate expansions are reducing its largeness, showing it should not be ignored as a biome.
There are many animals/plants/insects that inhabit the grasslands, ranging from every ssize and every color. The grasslands are not only very pretty but a vital part of our world and not to mention the worlds economy and industry

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Why are the Grasslands forgotten?

When people go cross country from east to west or west to easy they come and go through this large area of the country called the grasslands. The grasslands are the biggest biome in North America. The fact the they are so numerous in size means that people think that its fine to use it up building malls and new apartments, but it is not. The grasslands, like any other biome is a delicate environment that need balance and care for it to be maintained as it should be. Most of the animals we commonly know are found and live in the Grasslands, and most of the worlds economy, mostly cattle ranching and agriculture goes on in the Grasslands and no matter how big it is it can still be in trouble.

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