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Animals in the Grasslands

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Animals in the Grasslands
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Here are some of the animals of the Grasslands:
Bison: (Bison bison)
They are found in Short Grass and in mixed prairies.
Bison are most commonly found in Bison National Park, Northwest Territory, Canada, Yellowsone Park and Wyoming.
They are active in the early morning and in the late afternoon, but sometimes also on moonlit nights. At midday they rest.
There are approximatley 30, 000 bison left.
Bison calfs are born in may and are active at an early age, bison are the larest terrestrial mammal in North America (males range from 10-12")
Southern Boglemming: (Synaptomys Cooperi) They are commonly found in Eastern Grasslands in Manitoba east to New Foundland, South to Kansas and Northeast to Arkansas, West of North Carolina and North East Virginia.
Southern Boglemmings live about 6" under the ground.
The most common characteristic about lemmings is that they control the size of their own population, when carrying capacity is reached they jump of cliffs, in to bodies of water. This is their method of population control.
Coyote: (Canis Latrans) The coyotes coat is normally a grey or reddishgrey.
Their Mating season is from February to April. 
 They live mostly in open plains and brushy areas. Coyotes range from almost all of North America escept the tip of Alaska.
They range from New England to Florida and mostly all the West.
Coyotes are the most common canine in the Grasslands, especially in the West.
Snapping Turtle: (Chelydra Serpentina) The snapping turtle is characterized by its Massive Head and powerful jaws. Lives in fresh water, soft mud bottoms and abundant vegetation.
 It ranges from South Alberta to Nova Scotia, South to the Gulf of Mexico. The snapping turtle is highly aquatic.
 It emerges in April from winter retreat beneath overhanging mud banks.