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Plants in the Grasslands

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Plants in the Grasslands
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Here are some of the Plants of the Grasslands:
Switchgrass: (Panicum Virgatum) Switchgrass is found in the Eastern Grasslands. It grows in large clumps.
The flowers are tiny and have no petals.
The Switchgrass ranges from throughout the United States except the Pacific Coastal States.
Foxtail Barley: (Hordeum Jubatum) The Foxtail Barley is small and shiny. It blooms in June to August. It lives in waste places, roadsides, meadows and bare soil. It ranges throughout the United States except the Southeast.
The leaves short, rough and not many.
The fruit is a small grain.
It is very common in the West.
Farmers are for the extermination of this plant because its bristles pierce the mouth of livestock.
Idaho Fescue: (Fetusca Idahoensis)  It grows in large tufts.
It blooms from May-August
Its leaves are long, threadlike and very rough.
the fruit is a small grain.
Its habitat is Rocky slopes, open woods, sagebrush, plains and mountain meadows.
It ranges from Washingtom to California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.
Rattlesnake Master: (Eryngium yuccifolcum)
Its flowers bloom from July to August.
Its habitat includes, prairies, open woods, and thickets.
It ranges from South Connecticut to Florida to South West Texas to Kansas.
It was once thought to have curative powers by the natives.